Arone Dyer

Arone Dyer built bikes out of bamboo in Ghana.


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Brooke Lehman

Brooke Lehman took a small activist delegation to the Kuna people in Panama and witnessed direct democracy in action.

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February 20


Jef Wolfy Scharf investigates the toilets of Europe, Ida Benedetto and Tim Kantz team up with fair trade coffee farmers in Western Guatemala, and Anastasia Andino palled around Thailand with a monkey. Bonus: slides from a pauper’s cemetery in New Orleans.

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Anastasia Andino


Anastasia Andino bought a monkey to set it free in Thailand. Turns out it’s tougher to find a home for a monkey than you’d think.

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Jef Wolfy Scharf


Wolfy documented the toilets of Western Europe. He published a book of the drawings, which you can buy through Kayrock Screenprinting here.

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Ida Benedetto and Tim Kantz


Ida Benedetto and Tim Kantz help worker-owned coffee cooperatives in Western Guatemala achieve social and economic justice. Ida took the portraits featured on bags of Cafe Conciencia coffee. (The pictures are much more vivid when they’re not compressed for the web; sorry.) There is unedited audio of our segment on Ida’s blog, which¬† you can listen to here.




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Jeff Stark

These are images taken from a pauper’s graveyard in New Orleans in 2008. I projected them on an old-school Kodak slide projector in a short, bonus section during the February show.




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